Equipping Christians for spiritual warfare. Bible based, led by the Holy Spirit, we provide prophetic revelations and knowledge from God for this end days season.


Worshipping God in dark forest

I was seeking God earnestly and I saw myself worshipping God in a dark forest. I do not know why my surroundings were a dark forest at that time but I didn’t care. I was totally focused on worshipping God during that season of my life and the Holy Spirit spirit anointing fell upon me.

I knew that there were demons in the dark forest, but they stayed at a distance from me and did not come near me…

Ascending the Holy Mountain of the Lord

I was getting many demonic attacks at the lower rungs of the mountain in my life and I knew that I need to climb to higher altitude. It was very hard to climb, furthermore, I was a newbie at climbing. The path up the mountain was narrow and winding. I was afraid of slipping so I tread carefully.

Bride with a Sword

God gave me a vision of the bride of Christ. I saw each true believer who has overcome, represented by a small dot. I saw the body of Christ made up of millions and millions of dots. Together the dots came together and form the shape of a woman, hovering over the earth. I recognize her as the bride of Christ, the true church, the remnant which will arise in the end days. 

Battle Formation of 1st Wave Army

Believers organized in bands with different assignments

Demonic hosts held back for a season

Mission: Limited time for ingathering of saints

Sequence of attack: 1. Warriors 2. Paramedics & Supply Chain 3. Evangelists & Apostles 4. Shepherds & Teachers

Send out and recalled by Holy Spirit, complete obedience

White Horse of the Gospel

I was earnestly seeking the Lord during this season when this vision fell upon me. I saw a beautiful, grand, magnificent white horse with its rider galloping at top speed through the lands on earth.

I knew that it was the Holy Spirit and I saw myself scrambling to my feet and running after Him, trying my best to keep up with Him, but I could not, on my legs. I was greatly alarmed and I cried out to God, “Where are you going?” I could not bear the thought that I am not be able to keep up and I may lose sight of Him. I begged the Holy Spirit not to leave me and bring me with Him.