Economic Tsunami


In 2020, I was first given the vision of the overhanging – overarching sky of tsunami water, and you can read about it here. I have never described what happens when the flood waters came but two years later, I feel that it is now that I am able to release this word.

God is a spiritual being and He speaks of spiritual things which are often more important than physical things, which has a limited shelf life and dies away, but our spiritual destiny lasts forever. In my vision, the tsunami is not a literal tsunami but a spiritual tsunami of our souls.

I will now pick up the story where I left off in part one, and describe what happens when flood waters started to fall. You should understand that I am describing a spiritual tsunami that will sweep the world economy, not a literal one.

Hear my cry, O God; listen to my prayer. From the ends of the earth I call to you, I call as my heart grows faint; lead me to the rock that is higher than I.

Psalms 61:1-2

Safe Tower of God

The little Christian family that was in the tower was transfixed with amazement and horror as the huge catchment of water overhead broke. Experiencing this vision as if I was there, I would never forget the moment. I first heard sound of the water before the tsunami hit. It was the loudest, most deafening roar of sound made by water hitting the rocks and dirt, and the largest volume of water one ever saw gushing down the mountaintops towards us at the fastest speed possible. The roar was so loud that the family felt minute in their tower as sound reverberated all around their hemisphere. I honestly did not know that one would hear water before one saw a tsunami.

The grandfather, who represented unbelievers who are logical, experienced and educated, was transfixed at the sight of the tsunami coming towards them. In that moment that hinges between life and death, the old man was transfixed by a mixture of horror and awe. In that instant, facing calamity, he realized the fragility of life, despite man’s best achievements and lofty ambitions, the magnificence of God.

The grandmother pulled at the old man’s arm, trying to drag him away from his daze. The grandmother’s favorite child was her younger son, James, whom was the Christian’s brother, an unbeliever and in the day of trouble, she thought of her favorite son. “James!” She screamed as he was not in the tower with them. “James and Linda!” One could see the wild panic and agony in her eyes. 

“The Holy Spirit is going to rescue James.” The Christian assured the grandmother. The Christian knew that God in His compassion, had answered his prayers as he had been praying for his parents and brother for years. Even without any outward signs of their change of heart towards God, in time of great crisis, God did not forget the Christian’s request and the Holy Spirit went to rescue his brother. 

I am the door. If anyone enters by me, he will be saved and will go in and out and find pasture.

John 10:9 ESV

No Warning

The family tried to gesticulate wildly to the people on the ground.  “Go away, get away, danger! Tsunami!” They tried to scream to warn them, even to warn their enemies who were trying to attack them, but their enemies refused to listen as they were too preoccupied by anger and hatred.

The family saw other people who were blithely sauntering along on the ground below, going about their day-to-day business, unaware of impending danger. As the Christian was on higher ground in the safe tower of God, he could see the economic danger that was approaching.  Unfortunately, despite his best efforts, the people were either too far away, they could not hear, or even when they saw, they could not understand because they did not have the spirit of God to help them understand and discern the times. 

The family were in a tower of safety of God, and there was no exit and no door. One could not enter the spiritual safety of God unless through his believing and asking for help from Jesus Christ. They entered the safe tower when the Holy Spirit supernaturally protected them by sealing them for God in His safe tower.

The name of the Lord is a fortified tower; the righteous run to it and are safe. 

Psalms 18:10

The Christian’s youngest son represented the youngest generation would was impacted when the economic tsunami hit. As the youngest boy was immature, he was so frightened by what he saw that he crouched down, put his hands over his ears and started screaming in terror. The Christian assured his children with confidence, “The Holy Spirit will save us.” Somehow he knew that they were all safe in the high tower of God. Heavy rain pelted their faces and fierce wind whipped them, making speaking and hearing difficult in the storm. They had to shout to be heard over the din of the storm and walk carefully as everywhere was wet and slippery.   

There was a safe room indoors in the middle of the tower construct, where one could retire into the safety and protection from the weather indoors if one was tired. One could go in to the little lighted and simply furnished room to rest, eat, pray or sleep. The tower also contained supplies of food, water, medicine and other materials that God knew that the family would need in their daily lives during the season of the tsunami. 

The youngest boy temporarily fainted from fear. The Holy Spirit walked over to him and tended to him. The Holy Spirit knelt to his level and breathed close to him.

Suddenly, the Christian saw that the Holy Spirit has supernaturally brought his unbeliever brother James to his safe tower in the nick of time. James was beaten weary but was otherwise unharmed. His expression was horror stricken, “Linda…” He broke down.  “She is my wife… but I couldn’t save her…” He told the adults, his eyes wide with guilt and horror. He had tried to hold onto his wife in the tsunami but without the strength of God, their human hands slipped and she was swept away in the chaos. The adults comforted him as best as they could.

None Escapes

They saw friends, relative and acquaintances caught up in the tsunami when it hit the surroundings. People from all levels of society, blue collar or professionals were caught up in the economic tsunami all alike. The Christian saw a neighbor whom was a repairman, blissfully walking, secured in his painstaking savings and he was swept away without a struggle when the tsunami came. He saw a highly educated professional clinging onto a tree with his wife when the tsunami came, thinking that the tree was strong and tall enough to keep him out of harm’s way. But their means of support was too short, too weak, too feeble to withstand the onslaught of the economic tsunami. The tree he held onto bent over and his wife was swept away.  The Christian also saw the top management of a large business corporation perched atop a thin wobbly structure made of stones piled atop each other. The man made structure was too thin at the foundation to withstand the force of the tsunami and it too toppled in the middle of it all. 

When you pass through the waters,

I will be with you;

and when you pass through the rivers,

they will not sweep over you.

Isaiah 43:2

From Fear to Power

The youngest boy awakened after the Holy Spirit tended to him. Not fearful anymore, he immediately mobilized to his feet and started checking their medicine supplies, food, water and rescue boats. With confidence and urgency, the boy instructed his siblings to get online and start to set up and get connected with the global search and rescue network. They tried to connect with other humanitarian organizations who survived tsunami to start making preparations for search and rescue.

               “What are you doing? You can’t go out there right now! There is no door, and besides it’s too dangerous.” The Christian told his son.

               “Yes, dad. I know we cannot go out right now, but we need to start making preparations right now! We need to prepare now so that when God opens the door, we are ready to send out our rescue boats at the first possible moment.” The youngest boy said with great conviction. The Christian realized that the youngest generation was changed after encountering God. After being revived and saved from death by God, they also received plans and strategies from the Holy Spirit and knew what they should do.

Listen to podcast episode as I provide interpretation of this vision.

Holy Pandemonium


Around Sep 2020, I received this breath-taking vision from the Lord.

I tried to recreate the visual of what I saw but my skills at photoshop were poor. When God saw my work, He reminded me that the colour of the water in the sky was wrong. I was reminded that the colour of the water hanging in the sky overhead was the clearest, cleanest and purest blue.

God’s memory was better than mine. Unfortunately, due to my poor skills, I wasn’t able to render the colour of the water to the right colour so you would have to imagine it as I described it to you.

Situated in a High Tower, Fortress

In this vision, I saw a Christian who clung onto God for help and cried out to the Lord to save him, he was situated by the Lord in a high fortress.

God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble. Therefore we will not fear, though the earth give way and the mountains fall into the heart of the sea, though its waters roar and foam and the mountains quake with their surging.

Psalms 46: 1-3 NIV

Its tower walls were upright and tall, grey, like a strong fortress. The most striking feature about this tower was that there was no physical door. The enemies of the Christian could not get into the tower because there was no physical door. I wondered how the Christian entered and I realised that the Lord must have situated him at the top of the tower Himself, because there was no other way to get in or out except to be put there supernaturally by God.

I am the door. If anyone enters by me, he will be saved and will go in and out and find pasture.

John 10:9 ESV

From his vantage point at the top, the Christian looked down. Far below him, out of reach to touch him, were a few of his enemies. They were demon possessed men, violent, irrational and angry in their attacks. The enemies of the Christian now looked like ants to him. They were so far away from him that despite their angry rants, they could not reach him. Their attacks on the Christian can be compared to using a plastic fork to scrape the stone walls of the fortress. The attack was utterly ridiculous and ineffective. The enemies were enraged because of demons riding on them and they did not seem to realise the futility of their actions to attack the beloved of the Lord.

God has placed the Christian’s family with him in the fortress. At the top of the tower, there was a cosy family room where they could rest in the Lord, eat, be nourished and sleep in peace. The Christian and his family did not feel worried or afraid as the Holy Spirit was with him and his family.

God is slow to anger

The Holy Spirit pointed the Christian’s attention to far away in a distance behind him, beyond the mountains, to the sky overhead in the horizon. To his surprise and horror, the Christian saw a huge volume of water that was hanging precariously over the sky. The Christian saw that from time to time, a single cup of water was added to the volume of water, one cup at a time. Over time, millions of cups of water accumulated caused the overhanging water in the sky to be full to bursting.

The Holy Spirit explained to the Christian that the water represented the judgement of God. God wasn’t unaware or oblivious to wicked men on earth and their deeds that hurt others. It was just that God choose to be loving and slow to anger. All these while when God saw the oppression of the wicked and their injustice, He held back His hand of judgement and punishment because He gave time to the wicked to repent.

The LORD is slow to anger but great in power; the LORD will not leave the guilty unpunished. His way is in the whirlwind and the storm, and clouds are the dust of his feet.

Nahum 1:3 NIV

Wait Upon the Lord

The Holy Spirit gently asked the Christian to wait, as the Christian has suffered at the wickedness of his enemies. The Holy Spirit taught the Christian about dynamic waiting on the Lord where the longer he waited, the more of God’s power was accumulated. God clearly saw and differentiated between the longsuffering of His remnant and the unrepentance and pride of His enemies.

The Christian saw that the volume of water grew so much that it would surely burst. The restraints were close to breaking point as wicked men continued to sin against God, thinking that just because God was silent for a time, He was not sovereign.   

Then surely and suddenly the restraints holding back the water was released and the largest volume of water the Christian ever saw was unleashed upon the earth.

Destructive Actions

The Christian peered over the walls of the fortress, to see the enemies of God. He was taken aback to see that the wicked men were oblivious, even though the sound of water gushing down the mountains were deafening. Even the demons knew of the impending judgement and they took heed to flee before they were caught in the tsunami. The Christian was shocked to see that as the demons fled, they viciously inflicted the final blow on the human men they tormented e.g. by tearing off an arm as they fled. In one instance there was a small boat near the wicked men and the demons deliberately broke the boat before they left destroying even a slim chance that the human men could use the boat to escape. The Christian was amazed that the demonic had no pity for and destroy the very men who served them.


I received this vision in parts, over the next few months, and there is more to it but I will end here for now.

The large expense of water does not refer to the flood of Noah’s time as God has promised us that He will never send such a flood again where the entire earth population was wiped out except for Noah and his family. As the tower is a spiritual fortress not a literal one, the tsunami of God could be a spiritual tsunami.  

God reminded me that the pureness of the water refers to a cleansing by God to wash away the debris of a corrupted world, destroy the corrupted and leave behind a holy and pure people, cleansed by their sufferings and strengthened by God to come forth as gold.

But those who trust in the LORD will find new strength. They will soar high on wings like eagles. They will run and not grow weary. They will walk and not faint.

Isaiah 40:31 NLT

Worshipping God in Dark Forest

This is a beautiful vision I received from God in May 2019 and I want to share with you as it may encourage someone.

I was seeking God earnestly and I saw myself worshipping God in a dark forest. I do not know why my surroundings were a dark forest at that time but I didn’t care. I was totally focused on worshipping God during that season of my life and the Holy Spirit spirit anointing fell upon me.

I knew that there were demons in the dark forest, but they stayed at a distance from me and did not come near me. I think they were afraid of the Holy Spirit. As I worshipped God daily, I became aware of sweet smelling incense, a lovely fragrance.

The demons could smell the incense and they were attracted to it. I realize that upon repentance, our flesh is cleansed by atonement of Christ’s blood. I became acutely aware that demons were intensely attracted to the incense, they coveted our worship to God and they desired to devour us.

Later on, God gifted me a cloak made of fire. It was made of fire but the fire didn’t feel hot to me at all. The cloak was comfortable to wear and felt like cool air-conditioning. When I wore it during my worship in the dark forest, I realized that the demons were deathly afraid of the fire. I realized that God had given it to me for my protection. I was amazed that the same fire that was cool to the child of God was hell fire to the demons. When I worshipped God, the demons were afraid of the fire and stayed away.

Then take them from their hands and burn them on the altar atop the burnt offering as a pleasing aroma before the LORD; it is an offering made by fire to the LORD. 

Exodus 29:25 Berean Study Bible

Ascending the Holy Mountain of the Lord

In Sep 2019, I saw myself climbing the mountain of the Lord. I was getting many demonic attacks at the lower rungs of the mountain in my life and I knew that I need to climb to higher altitude.

It was very hard to climb, furthermore, I was a newbie at climbing. Every step up the rocky, narrow mountain took a lot of effort out of me. The path up the mountain was narrow and winding. I was afraid of slipping so I tread carefully. It was a great distance up. I was also climbing at night in the middle of a snowstorm. I was worried that melted ice would make the stone cliff even more slippery.

            Along the way, from time to time, I would run out of energy. When that happened I rested for a while. In my vision, I saw angels tending to me. Angels held an umbrella over me to block the snowfall. I was gifted with a warm coat from God somewhere along the way. I wasn’t cold at all as the coat was supernaturally warm even in the harshest winter. When I sat down to rest for a moment, I saw angels offer me hot tea and little snacks to replenish my energy a bit.

Psalm 91:11, ESV

For he will command his angels concerning you
    to guard you in all your ways.
12 On their hands they will bear you up,
    lest you strike your foot against a stone.

However the angels could not help me to climb. No one could climb for me. I knew and I was determined that I would ascend this mountain to find God. It was imperative for me to climb up high and quickly, because I was sick and tired of the demonic attacking me, trying to destroy my life for many years. I was determined to find God, find a way to get to God closely and quickly or die along the way, so great was my determination.

            Weeks developed into months, but every day I was worshipping God, praying hard, warring in the spiritual. Along the way I discovered a secret about climbing which I want to share with you, because God loves you brothers and sisters in Christ, even though I do not know you. I realized that the higher you climb, the easier the steps became. I do not know if it was because my legs and muscles got used to the climbing momentum. I also realized a great secret. At ground level where I first started, I had seen many Christians like you and I. There were thousands of demonic birds hovering around the base of the mountain, like a shifting black cloud. These demons were attacking people. Many Christians were mauled and clawed by the sharp claws and beaks of these demonic birds. They were taken out at the lower rungs before they even try to climb any higher. There were many injured Christians at the base, licking their wounds but the longer they stayed there, it worsened the situation, until whatever strength they had initially was depleted by the constant barrage of attacks.

I realized that the number of demonic birds at high altitude lessened. The higher I climb, the lesser demonic birds I saw, until I did not see them at all. I realized that their puny wings were too weak to fly to match our altitude in God.

It’s time to board the ark

In May 2020, when I was fighting spiritual warfare for God, God showed me enclosed in a beautiful, transparent dome with a blue sheen. I understand that this is protective cover God gives to His saints. I can still fight and engage the world without obstruction, but the evil powers of the world were not able to attack me when I was encased in the protective shield of God.

The beautiful transparent dome with a blue sheen followed me when I walk. It felt light and refreshing as high mountain air and I hardly noticed it. But whenever an enemy tried to attack me, even from behind, the dome encased my surroundings like an invisible hard shield. As God made the spiritual covering, the material was strong and impenetrable to spiritual and physical enemies.

When I looked at my family, I saw that they too were encased in the dome of God. I did not see how they received the dome as it seems that they had done nothing in prayer warfare to receive it. I understood that out of the graciousness of His heart God provided similar protective covering to my family and assets when I was engaged in spiritual warfare for Him.

Over the next few months, God would continue to use the analogy to help me understand more His protective modern-day ark.

In Aug 2020, my vision opened with dark grey scenes of a world rapidly breaking down. On a smoky city street, I saw different groups of rioters, looters, police and protestors. Violent anarchy broke out on the streets. A car overturned with an arid smell of burning, sounds of horns blaring and sirens.

It was chaos as a violent, angry frenzy possessed some groups. They were besides themselves, emotional, violent and angry. I saw the faces of some civilians. They looked afraid and worried. I saw a father pull his teenage children to his side to protect them.

It was difficult to stay safe. There was confusion as one did not know where to go to be safer. Even those who thought they were safe in their own property encountered problems when some violent groups marched up to their doorstep and started harassment, trying to provoke retaliation.

God gently switched my perspective and I saw a Christian family. They were having dinner in their home. It was a peaceful and warm environment. I was surprised at the difference from the world outside. I saw them praying earnestly, saying grace. I saw that this family was enclosed in the protective dome of God that I described in my first vision. I knew that this dome was God’s protection for His own.

Vision of Bride with a sword

In Sep 2020, God gave me a vision of the bride of Christ.

I saw each true believer who has overcome, represented by a small dot. I saw the body of Christ made up of millions and millions of dots. Together the dots came together and form the shape of a woman, hovering over the earth. I recognize her as the bride of Christ, the true church, the remnant which will arise in the end days. Her hand was made up of dots, each representing a true believer. Her body was made up of dots, her legs were made up of dots. In this way, no one part of her body was more important than the other. The head was as important as the legs, as important as the hands, etc.

I saw that each of us, with our unique gifts and our life experiences and our failures was important to form the entire body of Christ. The true believers were washed with the blood of Christ, burned with the Holy Spirit fire, purified and holy. There was no debris or corruption in the bride because she overcome, she was pure and holy.

When the body of believers came together in this way, each person loving God more than himself or herself, putting the interest of God first, the Holy Spirit power was upon the group. I saw from the body of the woman projected out the light of Christ, manifested the ferocious Lion of Judah. The glory and light of God shone out of her. The magnificent image of the Lion of Judah projecting out of the church, startled and shook the world because they have never seen anything quite like it.

I saw the band of demons representing the kingdom of darkness, were startled and afraid when they saw the true church in this way. I realized that they were not afraid of the woman but rather, the manifestation of the Lion of Judah that came to life out of her. The demons recognize the Lion of Judah. He is Jesus Christ, the Lord of heaven and earth. They were instantly afraid and wary because they knew that they were tyrants and usurpers, and Jesus Christ was the rightful king. They were taken aback that God would endow His bride with so much power.

I saw that a mighty and great, gleaming sword, clean and sharp, was put in the hand of bride of Christ. God has given her His sword and entrusted her to wield His authority on earth. I knew that this mighty army of God would accomplish God’s purposes on earth for a season. The demons hung back and stayed a distance from the woman, watching her warily. They did not dare attack or come near her for a while, because they were afraid of the great power of God.

Puzzle pieces that don’t fit

A simple and intimate word from God during our daily walk. Hope that it will encourage someone.

Recently I saw myself putting together a jigsaw puzzle that was 3/4 complete. I was holding onto small pieces of the puzzle, trying to figure out which pieces went where. After I spent a few hours with little progress and mounting frustration, the Lord gently told me to change my perspective. I sat back and looked at the picture from a larger overview perspective.

It was then I realized that in the past I had installed 5-6 pieces that clearly did not belong to the picture that I was putting together of my life. These pieces were dark and ominous. They do not belong to my picture, which was beautiful and clear light. I realized that someone, whether he was also deceived by the devil or of malicious intent, had handed them to me in the past. Without thinking, I assumed that they were meant for me and tried to fit them into my life. They wouldn’t fit in properly so they were awkward and jutting out even though I had tried my best to cram them in.

The Lord told me to remove these erroneous pieces. If I left them there, they would disrupt the beautiful picture that the Lord meant for my life. Initially I hesitated, as I was worried that my picture will look worse with missing gaps. Although they were wrong, I had expended many years and effort and was used to the discomfort of their wrong position.

The Lord gently told me that if I do not take them out, He would not be able to give me the right pieces. As they had demonic roots, I allowed God to burn them off my life with the blood of Jesus. I thought that I will be sad as I had not know anything else. However I only felt a great lifting and loosening of burden when they were gone.

After the Lord removed them, immediately He handed me a perfect and excellent piece. Looking at the shape and design, I recognize it as the piece that fitted me perfectly. The Lord had the perfect piece for me all this time but He waited until I removed the wrong one before He handed it to me. I am now overjoyed because I can complete the beautiful picture of my life that the Lord wants to do for me.