It’s time to board the ark

In May 2020, when I was fighting spiritual warfare for God, God showed me enclosed in a beautiful, transparent dome with a blue sheen. I understand that this is protective cover God gives to His saints. I can still fight and engage the world without obstruction, but the evil powers of the world were not able to attack me when I was encased in the protective shield of God.

The beautiful transparent dome with a blue sheen followed me when I walk. It felt light and refreshing as high mountain air and I hardly noticed it. But whenever an enemy tried to attack me, even from behind, the dome encased my surroundings like an invisible hard shield. As God made the spiritual covering, the material was strong and impenetrable to spiritual and physical enemies.

When I looked at my family, I saw that they too were encased in the dome of God. I did not see how they received the dome as it seems that they had done nothing in prayer warfare to receive it. I understood that out of the graciousness of His heart God provided similar protective covering to my family and assets when I was engaged in spiritual warfare for Him.

Over the next few months, God would continue to use the analogy to help me understand more His protective modern-day ark.

In Aug 2020, my vision opened with dark grey scenes of a world rapidly breaking down. On a smoky city street, I saw different groups of rioters, looters, police and protestors. Violent anarchy broke out on the streets. A car overturned with an arid smell of burning, sounds of horns blaring and sirens.

It was chaos as a violent, angry frenzy possessed some groups. They were besides themselves, emotional, violent and angry. I saw the faces of some civilians. They looked afraid and worried. I saw a father pull his teenage children to his side to protect them.

It was difficult to stay safe. There was confusion as one did not know where to go to be safer. Even those who thought they were safe in their own property encountered problems when some violent groups marched up to their doorstep and started harassment, trying to provoke retaliation.

God gently switched my perspective and I saw a Christian family. They were having dinner in their home. It was a peaceful and warm environment. I was surprised at the difference from the world outside. I saw them praying earnestly, saying grace. I saw that this family was enclosed in the protective dome of God that I described in my first vision. I knew that this dome was God’s protection for His own.

Pokemon, the Pied Piper of Hamlin

I am a fan of Pokemon. I played it, I spent money on it and I knew the characters.

God showed me the devil’s seduction of young children, using the analogy of the Pied Piper of Hamlin who bewitched the children away from their parents to his cave by his charming music.

After God show me many confirmation it pains me to share this message, especially to the many children who love Pokemon.

This podcast is not for the die-hard fans of Pokemon, as I have no wish to spoil their enjoyment.

If you are a Christian who has doubts and whom God is already speaking to you about the influence of occult toys on the next young bright generation, let this confirm to you clearly what you always suspected.

How to Bring the Prodigals Back

Understand how the prodigals hurt you and attack you because you are a child of God.

God shows the state and condition that the prodigals are in. Locked up in a tiny dark jail cell, hidden away in the deep maze of dungeons, guarded by demons.

The demons have kidnapped the prodigals away hoping that no one would find them again because they are possessive of owning humans as bounty objects.

Repent of the Spirit of Murder

In heaven, God has a nursery that He takes in babies who were aborted by their parents. As these babies did not have a chance to grow up on earth and choose whether they accept Christ as their Messiah, God has graciously accepted aborted babies into the kingdom of God in heaven. He allowed them to grow up in heaven.

The spirit of Athaliah gain access through sufficient blood sacrifices that paid homage to her and pushed her ascension as stronghold over the land.

For your own protection, you have to do as Noah did, break agreement with sins committed by the people and dis-vow to satan the accuser that you are not one of them complicit.

Petty Attacks

There’s a fog of lethargy and petty distractions that the devil has put as a global assignment over the masses these days.

The reason is to incapacitate us to become useless bodies when we should be in the thick of spiritual warfare at this time.

Be aware that it’s a spiritual attack on your energy levels, your feeling tired even after you have rested and having no energy, immobilized to fight spiritually.

The other petty attack is in the form of distractions and a cacophony of shrill voices, proclaiming confusing prophecies that contradict, creating confusion, high emotions etc. Listening to and being bombarded by these constant distractions depletes your energy, and makes you feel disoriented and dissatisfied. You can’t seem to find or tell the right direction, much less take up your sword to discern where is the spiritual enemy and fight him effectively.

Athaliah Rising

The woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet, and adorned with gold and precious stones and pearls, having in her hand a golden cup full of abominations and the filth of her sexual immorality. On her forehead a name was written:


I saw the woman, drunk with the blood of the saints and with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus.

Revelations 17

#11 Beware of controlling spirits masquerading as love

You are reading this today because you are not sure if something is not right.

You think someone loves you but he/ she is overly possessive and you feel stifled, choked by the person.

The person seem so desperate for you that you feel flattered. Perhaps you feel sorry for the person, that you are the only person that he/ she has.

However something inside doesn’t feel quite right. There are huge quarrels then patch ups when the person always begs you to come back. This is a pattern. You’re tired of all the drama and confused. You do not have much friends you can confide in.

God wants to speak to you today and tell you the truth and open your eyes to what is really going on. Run, run for your lives, for an insidious spirit is at work, and you are being groomed as prime prey for the devil.

Broken and bruised, and left to die

God says to you, I know who you are… I have seen you. You were broken and bruised by the devil and left to die.

Many passed you by on the road side and high ways of life, you called out weakly for help and hoped that someone would see, see the condition that you are in, stop and love you.

You waited for years, yearning for love, for someone to understand you, but no one did. Those who temporarily stop did not satisfy you or took one look at you and pretend not to notice your hurts or hastily hurried away, shocked.

As you lie dying by the roadside of life, you hated your life and thought that all was lost, now you can only wait to die.

Now let me tell you who will stop for you, who has already stopped for you. He will interrupt His daily routine to tend to you. He understands perfectly all your needs in a way that no one else can. He is powerful God but He loves you with the warmth of a human.

Let Him speak to you directly today, a powerful message for you only. You are the apple of His eye.

#10. Break all curses before conscription

“My people are perishing…” The Lord told me, “due to their lack of knowledge.”

“Tell them about curses of their forefathers… passed down to them.”

This is a message that I didn’t enjoy giving too, because I find the topic of curses distasteful.

Later I realized why God is saying these things, there is a common multi facet of witchcraft warnings that God was releasing through His people at this time in conjunction to the satanic holiday halloween which is coming up shortly.

Isn’t God thoughtful and on point? I had forgotten because I don’t celebrate it but He remembers.