How to Bring the Prodigals Back

Understand how the prodigals hurt you and attack you because you are a child of God.

God shows the state and condition that the prodigals are in. Locked up in a tiny dark jail cell, hidden away in the deep maze of dungeons, guarded by demons.

The demons have kidnapped the prodigals away hoping that no one would find them again because they are possessive of owning humans as bounty objects.

#10. Break all curses before conscription

“My people are perishing…” The Lord told me, “due to their lack of knowledge.”

“Tell them about curses of their forefathers… passed down to them.”

This is a message that I didn’t enjoy giving too, because I find the topic of curses distasteful.

Later I realized why God is saying these things, there is a common multi facet of witchcraft warnings that God was releasing through His people at this time in conjunction to the satanic holiday halloween which is coming up shortly.

Isn’t God thoughtful and on point? I had forgotten because I don’t celebrate it but He remembers.

#5 Overcome spirit of witchcraft, lies, manipulation, Jezebel in God’s deliverance

One third of the world’s inhabitants today are held captive by this demonic principality, the spirit of witchcraft.

Learn about the hierarchy demons under her: spirit of lying, spirit of confusion, spirit of manipulation, spirit of deception and spirit of seduction Jezebel.

If you or your family has dabbled in the occultic like divination, ancestor worship, astrology, fortune telling, etc, you may have open your access for her and her demons to come to you unknowingly.

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