You are being formed by God even now

Think back about your life, your entire life… 

Do you see the hand of God? 

All that happened to you, all that you are, created this wonderful person that God says is perfect for his purpose.

Yes, even the bad parts. Even the ugly parts. 

If you had not gone though them and overcome, it wouldn’t be you, perfect for His purpose  

Puzzle pieces that don’t fit

A simple and intimate word from God during our daily walk. Hope that it will encourage someone.

Recently I saw myself putting together a jigsaw puzzle that was 3/4 complete. I was holding onto small pieces of the puzzle, trying to figure out which pieces went where. After I spent a few hours with little progress and mounting frustration, the Lord gently told me to change my perspective. I sat back and looked at the picture from a larger overview perspective.

It was then I realized that in the past I had installed 5-6 pieces that clearly did not belong to the picture that I was putting together of my life. These pieces were dark and ominous. They do not belong to my picture, which was beautiful and clear light. I realized that someone, whether he was also deceived by the devil or of malicious intent, had handed them to me in the past. Without thinking, I assumed that they were meant for me and tried to fit them into my life. They wouldn’t fit in properly so they were awkward and jutting out even though I had tried my best to cram them in.

The Lord told me to remove these erroneous pieces. If I left them there, they would disrupt the beautiful picture that the Lord meant for my life. Initially I hesitated, as I was worried that my picture will look worse with missing gaps. Although they were wrong, I had expended many years and effort and was used to the discomfort of their wrong position.

The Lord gently told me that if I do not take them out, He would not be able to give me the right pieces. As they had demonic roots, I allowed God to burn them off my life with the blood of Jesus. I thought that I will be sad as I had not know anything else. However I only felt a great lifting and loosening of burden when they were gone.

After the Lord removed them, immediately He handed me a perfect and excellent piece. Looking at the shape and design, I recognize it as the piece that fitted me perfectly. The Lord had the perfect piece for me all this time but He waited until I removed the wrong one before He handed it to me. I am now overjoyed because I can complete the beautiful picture of my life that the Lord wants to do for me.

Jesus is silent. “I know your hearts are broken.”

Yeshua is silent today so I just stay beside Him.

He is looking over His people. I know He is concerned about them but He doesn’t speak.

“I know your hearts are broken.”

I hear the cries of the people reverberate, “Justice! Justice! We want justice!”

I try to teach the people about active wait. And what Jesus means when He stays silent.

Broken and bruised, and left to die

God says to you, I know who you are… I have seen you. You were broken and bruised by the devil and left to die.

Many passed you by on the road side and high ways of life, you called out weakly for help and hoped that someone would see, see the condition that you are in, stop and love you.

You waited for years, yearning for love, for someone to understand you, but no one did. Those who temporarily stop did not satisfy you or took one look at you and pretend not to notice your hurts or hastily hurried away, shocked.

As you lie dying by the roadside of life, you hated your life and thought that all was lost, now you can only wait to die.

Now let me tell you who will stop for you, who has already stopped for you. He will interrupt His daily routine to tend to you. He understands perfectly all your needs in a way that no one else can. He is powerful God but He loves you with the warmth of a human.

Let Him speak to you directly today, a powerful message for you only. You are the apple of His eye.

A spirit of suicide global

God gave me a startling word that a global spirit of depression and suicide has been sent out throughout the world. I saw that because of the conspiracy and strategy of the devil, there will be a spike in the suicide rates around the world in the coming months.

This podcast breaks down spiritual framework and dimension behind it.

Hanging out with the Lord

“Come, walk a little way with me…” 

God was especially gentle and conducive today, as He spoke to me and you if you are like me.

In the gentleness and peacefulness of our Lord Jesus Christ, we felt His power, amazed at how unshakable He is, unfettered by the chaos that is rocking the entire external world.

Why are you downcast?

God has a word for someone. God asks you gently, “Why are you downcast?” He asks you why are you depressed and why you have no hope? 

He wants to tell you of His thoughts and intentions and plans towards you. Plans not to harm you, but His thoughts and plans and strategies for you to turn this around, so that you will not die, but you will survive, and you will live gloriously in Christ.

From Daily discourse series

3. Fallacy: I will be safe if I keep a low profile

“I will be safe if I do not fight.” This is what you may be thinking.

To keep your head down and be a nominal Christian so that you do not antagonize satan. However you will learn that this is a fallacy. Not daring to fight means that you will go to your death like lambs to slaughter.

From the Teaching Series, this podcast teaches you how to have the right mindset to be victorious and dispels the myth that satan wants you to believe so that you will never dare to fight him and he can have you without resistance.

#6 Overcome spirit of leviathan, dead relationships & loneliness in God’s deliverance

Learn how to get rid of the python spirit or the spirit of Leviathan.

Spiritual warfare and demonic encounters are part and parcel of every Christian’s life. There is a tried and tested way that the Bible teaches us, it works every time because the power of God reigns supreme.

Someone has hurt you in past and you cut him off to protect yourself. It may have been a long time ago or you have nearly forgotten about it. However over time, your social connections are diminished.

See if you have allowed access to this spirit unwittingly to isolate you from forming and enjoying good social relationships in your life.

Listen to the full podcast below:

#4 Early demons encountered in battle: spirits of lethargy, fear & intimidation

Do you feel that the current situation in the world today is overwhelming you?

Do you worry frequently?

If you are a Christian, this series will teach you how to overcome the enemy of fear and intimidation in your life, with the power of Jesus Christ guaranteed to work every time.

Christ’s overcoming power is for you to take, do you dare choose life and full confidence always?

Listen to the full podcast below: