The Fate of America

God has been telling me many things about America in the past months. I was amazed why God would tell me about America as I am not an American and not familiar with the country. I released some of these messages via our podcast ministry. Whenever I tried to soften the messages, God would deal sternly with me. I have long learned that it is better to obey God and deliver His words as honestly and truthfully as I can.

In the recent times, the words that God given me has been consistently confirmed by events as well as other believers, this gives me the courage to tell the rest of what He told me. As far as I can tell, they fit in with what the Bible says about the end days.

Ever since I saw the demoness Athaliah rise up from the dark waters of the night sea and headed straight for your country, I felt a sense of foreboding for America’s future. I understood that due to the sacrifice of unborn children through abortion, there was sufficient blood accumulated from aborted children to summon her. She awoken and headed for your land not by chance but because of the blood spilled to pay homage to her. She knew that it was a place open to her and she went there to situate herself as queen.

I saw the land of America cracked into pieces like a cookie and I saw Athaliah bloodthirsty, relishing devouring your land.

I saw Lady Liberty, symbolizing your pure and beautiful country, standing, unsuspecting, and I saw Athaliah schemed murder upon her. And I saw many scenes of Athaliah creeping up to an unsuspecting Lady Liberty and murdering her.

In the natural world, I saw the future of America hurtling with great speed towards the end days. It seemed like nothing you did could stop the riots, violence, misunderstanding, thefts, etc. from breaking out and exacerbating the situation. The rot was sown in the roots, through corruption and deviation from God’s precepts and protection many years ago. During that time, America was still glorious and mighty outwardly. No one understood that what was sown in the spiritual years ago would lead to an inevitable outcome of her downfall.

God showed me many scenes of hardship that will come upon the Christian remnant in America. I understood that one group will die, one group will be imprisoned and one group will escape. I understood from God in the end days, those who were destined to die should die gloriously, overcoming as victors. Those who are imprisoned prayed to God stoically from prisons. Those who are destined to escape were given escape routes by God and supernaturally covered by angels’ wings so that their enemies cannot see them.

Many years in the future, I looked at the brown, dusty landscape of the geographical location of what was once America. I did not recognize it anymore as the America I knew. It looked like barren land, brown and dusty. It looked like land that was left behind and abandoned after war. There were a few soldiers moving on the land but I did not recognize them as Americans in their attire or appearance. I think may be even her name have been changed.

Out of this dusty forsaken land, I suddenly saw disparate streams of the Christian remnant emerging from the hills and valleys, cliffs of rock of the landscape where they had been hidden away by God for all these years. They looked dusty but otherwise fit, healthy and well. In the previous years, the great falling away has taken place due to intense persecution. What remained of the small handful of Christian remnant were marked Faithful and Overcomers. I saw that they had spiritual muscles, they were fit, excellent and alert, ready for battle, not prone to deception, because they had walked so closely with God in order to survive. I was surprised because I had thought that America was gone. I asked God who these were. God told me that these people are His true America.


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The Dilapidated Cathedral

God has put on my heart a controversial topic. I don’t want to offend but I know from past experience that God will not let me off if I dilute or refuse to say His message.

This is the present condition of some churches. They have the great gift of God, symbolized by a Ferrari but they insist to expound the greatness of an old bicycle which they have been riding for past 20 years. They chuck away the powerful gift of God that He has already given them, because they have never driven it and they didn’t know what they are missing.

Many able bodied Christian men and women blessed by God wasted when you could have done something great for God together.

Pokemon, the Pied Piper of Hamlin

I am a fan of Pokemon. I played it, I spent money on it and I knew the characters.

God showed me the devil’s seduction of young children, using the analogy of the Pied Piper of Hamlin who bewitched the children away from their parents to his cave by his charming music.

After God show me many confirmation it pains me to share this message, especially to the many children who love Pokemon.

This podcast is not for the die-hard fans of Pokemon, as I have no wish to spoil their enjoyment.

If you are a Christian who has doubts and whom God is already speaking to you about the influence of occult toys on the next young bright generation, let this confirm to you clearly what you always suspected.

Do you want to be the wind?

God asks me suddenly, “Do you want to be the wind?” 

Without knowing what it means, I answered ”Yes,”

The relaxing exchange between God and I, representing a believer, reveals powerful insights about the coming revival, the White Horse Rider in the book of Revelations.

Learn about the foamy waves, lighting speed and ripening golden harvest of souls, prime for the kingdom of God.

The Holy Spirit is the fire, we are wind.

Blow wind, blow…

Set the earth ablaze with the fire of God

8. Calling You, Gideon


Calling You, Gideon. Mindset of a warrior. 

What does it take to qualify to be a warrior of God?

The way up is first down.

Whoever seeks to save his own life will lose it, and whoever loses his life for God’s sake will find it.

22,000 men were sent home that day with no ability to fight in God’s army. Are you one of the 300 who stand with the Lord and share in His victory?

5. Two opposing kingdoms

This is a Teaching series, to teach you about your kingdom citizenship, more than your nationality.

Ever since satan rebelled against God and tried to set up his renegade kingdom, he has continued to be at it. He will not give up until Jesus Christ returns for the final battle.

Two kingdoms are at war, the kingdom of the prince of the air, earth, who is satan, and the heavenly kingdom of God. Being a citizen of heaven, do you realize your situation?

Hear the Shofar Sound – Daily Discourse with God

God put on my heart a new series, Daily Discourse with God.

I ask Him, “What do You want to me to say today? To pass a message to whom. Not for myself, but for someone You want to speak to.”

Today God reveals His heart to someone. Someone dear to Him, to whom He speaks. If you are listening, you may be that person that God is addressing.

#1 Corruption of Our Children


This revelatory word from the Lord is for parents with young children or teenagers. 

God spoke about our schools, His plans and the enemy’s plans to corrupt today’s children and teenagers, who will grow up to be the next generation of adults dominant in the world.

Are you a youth or teenager? Discover God’s word and love for you today

Listen to the full podcast below: