You are being formed by God even now

Think back about your life, your entire life… 

Do you see the hand of God? 

All that happened to you, all that you are, created this wonderful person that God says is perfect for his purpose.

Yes, even the bad parts. Even the ugly parts. 

If you had not gone though them and overcome, it wouldn’t be you, perfect for His purpose  

How to hear from God

Some Christians ask me, “How do I hear from God?”

I share how I usually hear from God, hope that the tips will be useful

1. Desperation and Determined

Genesis 32:25 Jacob wrestles with God. His hip bone gets out of socket and he now walks with a limp. God gives Jacob a new destiny as Jacob wrestled with God and men and prevailed.

2. Ample time with God

Daniel 6:10 Daniel prayed 3 times a day

3. No Agenda

Luke 10:38 Mary and Martha. Mary was contented to sit by Jesus, listening to Him. Follow Jesus around, listening to whatever He wants to say.

4. Do not fight until you receive baptism of the Holy Spirit

Brothers and sisters in Christ, it is vital that you are baptized in the power of the Holy Spirit before you go deep into battle of spiritual warfare.

The devil and his demons are spirit beings, you will not last long in battle if you do not have the baptism of the Holy Spirit to fight the spiritual war.

The power is the difference between pedaling a bicycle uphill and driving a Ferrari.

Study this podcast and the Bible carefully to know how you can receive the power of the Holy Spirit, your best friend in the End Days.