Daniel’s 2nd Beast Kingdom

“And behold, another beast which was the second, was like a bear, and stood upon the one side: and he had three ribs in his mouth between his teeth, and they said thus unto him, Arise, and devour much flesh.”

Daniel 7:5 GNV

Cyrus the Great559 – 530 BCDefeated Babylon
Allowed Israelites to return to their land
Darius I524 – 486 BC
Xerxes (Ahasuerus)486 – 465 BCKing in the book of Esther
Artaxerxes464-423 BCAuthorized rebuilding of temple and city walls
Darius III336 – 330 BCDefeated by Alexander the Great in 330 BC
Noteworthy Medo-Persian Kings in chronological order

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