Daniel’s 3rd Beast Kingdom

“After this, I beheld, and lo, there was another like a leopard, which had upon his back four wings of a fowl: the beast had also four heads, and dominion was given him.”

Daniel 7:6

Alexander the Great’s swift conquests:

Balkan campaign
PersiaAsia MinorBattle of Granicus River
Siege of Halicarnassus
Syria Siege of Issus
Siege of Tyre
EgyptSiege of Gaza
MesopotamiaBattle of Gaugamela
Indian campaign
Reference Wars of Alexander the Great

Sudden death of Alexander and the empire divided into 4

  • Sudden death of Alexander the Great at age 32, cause disputed
  • Left behind no successors
  • After 40 years of war, his kingdom into 4 parts by his generals: Ptolemaic kingdom of Egypt, the Seleucid empire, the Attalid dynasty of kingdom of Pergamon and Macedon 

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