Battle Formation of 1st Wave Army


Vision of God’s army received in Sep 2020

Key points:

  1. Believers organized in bands with different assignments
  2. Demonic hosts held back for a season
  3. Mission: Limited time for ingathering of saints
  4. Sequence of attack: 1. Warriors 2. Paramedics & Supply Chain 3. Evangelists & Apostles 4. Shepherds & Teachers
  5. Send out and recalled by Holy Spirit, complete obedience

Kindly refer to illustration and accompanying text:

  • Army formation like a fan shape
  • Believers organised in bands with different assignments
  • Outermost band of believers with Warrior assignments
  • Band of warriors move in tandem. Advanced as one military unit in steps.
  • Advanced and invaded the land by spiritual warfare
  • Movement coordinated by the Holy Spirit, made up of remnant army, believers who overcome
  • Manifested glory of Lion of Judah, great power and anointing upon this movement.
  • Demonic hosts backed off and retreated when they saw the army of God advance
  • Demonic hosts did not dare to attack because they saw the great power of God. They left the lands which they were ravaging.
  • Enemy stayed at fringes, not daring to attack but did not completely disappear. They waited.
  • Part of land was clear of demons for army of God to move in
  • Many casualties lying on the ground, made up of those who hated God and those whose hearts are open to receive the Word of God
  • Band of warriors stopped advancing and held the ground
  • War trumpet / shofar sounded for next move. Holy Spirit issued orders for Paramedics and Supply Chain to move in
  • Paramedics were professionally trained and efficient. Sprang into action, well prepared with equipped first aid box.
  • Streamed into fields two by two then separated. Focused with no fear, they head straight for injured humans on ground
  • Headed straight for those with Diamond Hearts to save.
  • Demonic hosts would be held back but for a season.
  • When the shofar / trumpet next sounded, anyone working in the fields would have to return immediately for the season for ingathering was over
  • Everyone worked as fast as they could to gather when we could
  • Supply chain (backend) in army were packing production lines as fast as they could
  • They packed medical supplies, first aid, bandages, blankets, food, Bibles, etc. into boxes for dispatch onto the fields
  • Supply chain are Christians with secular jobs. God blessed them and they gave great practical resources for the work of God.
  • God emphasized to me two times sequence 1. Warriors 2. Paramedics & Supply Chain 3. Evangelists & Apostles 4. Shepherds & Teachers
  • We demonstrated God’s love to the world by meeting their practical needs then spiritual needs
  • Evangelists led people to truth of God and conversion
  • Those with an apostolic anointing planted home churches in end days
  • Shepherds and pastors looked after the development and nurturing of new Christians who will form the 2nd wave army
  • It was like God has a Cup to measure the number of new Christians added to the kingdom. If we manage to add the number of new Christians above the line in the Cup to overflow, we were successful in our mission.
  • When the war trumpet/ shofar next sounded, we would have to leave the field immediately
  • Any wheat that was not yet gathered into the storehouse of God will be spoiled and burned together with the weeds eventually
  • In all things we have to follow and obey the instructions of Holy Spirit and not depend on ourselves or our own understanding or obstinacy
  • Insisting to stay on after the time was over would bring danger to yourself with no results
  • I understand the Holy Spirit has plans for the next wave army but I was not given any insights and I do not think that I will be a part of that
  • To lift up (the work of God) and to put down whenever God called is to ensure that the work sanctified is clean, of God and not for the fame of any man

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Vision of Bride with a sword

In Sep 2020, God gave me a vision of the bride of Christ.

I saw each true believer who has overcome, represented by a small dot. I saw the body of Christ made up of millions and millions of dots. Together the dots came together and form the shape of a woman, hovering over the earth. I recognize her as the bride of Christ, the true church, the remnant which will arise in the end days. Her hand was made up of dots, each representing a true believer. Her body was made up of dots, her legs were made up of dots. In this way, no one part of her body was more important than the other. The head was as important as the legs, as important as the hands, etc.

I saw that each of us, with our unique gifts and our life experiences and our failures was important to form the entire body of Christ. The true believers were washed with the blood of Christ, burned with the Holy Spirit fire, purified and holy. There was no debris or corruption in the bride because she overcome, she was pure and holy.

When the body of believers came together in this way, each person loving God more than himself or herself, putting the interest of God first, the Holy Spirit power was upon the group. I saw from the body of the woman projected out the light of Christ, manifested the ferocious Lion of Judah. The glory and light of God shone out of her. The magnificent image of the Lion of Judah projecting out of the church, startled and shook the world because they have never seen anything quite like it.

I saw the band of demons representing the kingdom of darkness, were startled and afraid when they saw the true church in this way. I realized that they were not afraid of the woman but rather, the manifestation of the Lion of Judah that came to life out of her. The demons recognize the Lion of Judah. He is Jesus Christ, the Lord of heaven and earth. They were instantly afraid and wary because they knew that they were tyrants and usurpers, and Jesus Christ was the rightful king. They were taken aback that God would endow His bride with so much power.

I saw that a mighty and great, gleaming sword, clean and sharp, was put in the hand of bride of Christ. God has given her His sword and entrusted her to wield His authority on earth. I knew that this mighty army of God would accomplish God’s purposes on earth for a season. The demons hung back and stayed a distance from the woman, watching her warily. They did not dare attack or come near her for a while, because they were afraid of the great power of God.

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