The White Horse of the Gospel

In Aug 2020, I was earnestly seeking the Lord during this season when this vision fell upon me. I saw a beautiful, grand, magnificent white horse with its rider galloping at top speed through the lands on earth.

I knew that it was the Holy Spirit and I saw myself scrambling to my feet and running after Him, trying my best to keep up with Him, but I could not, on my legs. I was greatly alarmed and I cried out to God, “Where are you going?” I could not bear the thought that I am not be able to keep up and I may lose sight of Him. I begged the Holy Spirit not to leave me and bring me with Him.

The Lord asked me gravely, “Are you sure?” “Yes!” I answered immediately and without hesitation.

“Do you know where I am going?” Was His next question calmly. From the way that He spoke, it sounds like a serious matter and of much importance to Him.  I told the Lord that I do not care where He is going, I only want to go with Him. I had become used to communing closely with God when the Holy Spirit fell upon me in the past months, and I could not bear the thought of being separated from God.

Revelations 6:2, New Living Translation

I looked up and saw a white horse standing there. Its rider carried a bow, and a crown was placed on his head. He rode out to win many battles and gain the victory.

The Holy Spirit swept me up with Him, on back of the White Horse and I followed with Him, as He tore through the earth with great momentum. Later on, warriors in the Joel army will ride on war horses to follow the Holy Spirit movement.  

I searched the bible to understand more about the White Horse rider as I knew that there would be deceptions in the end days, the antichrist pretending to be a white knight in shining armor. My mindset was to be extremely alert and careful as I did not want to follow the wrong rider. I saw other inferior riders on white horses mimicking Christ, but they were not Him.  

I understood the function of White Horse rider that I saw in my vision. Matthew 24:14 has always been Christ’s last orders to us before He left, even if in the present age we have largely forgotten or neglected it.  

 And this gospel of the kingdom will be proclaimed throughout the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come.

The Holy Spirit is pouring out His spirit in the end days to hasten and bring about revival, ripening the wheat for harvest, towards the fulfilment of Matthew 24:14 and you and I, we are the workers.

I understood that because we are living in the end days, wickedness led by the antichrist and Christianity will rise at the same time.

Matthew 13:30, Christian Standard Bible

Let both grow together until the harvest. At harvest time I’ll tell the reapers: Gather the weeds first and tie them in bundles to burn them, but collect the wheat in my barn.

Finally, the Holy Spirit repeatedly emphasis SPEED to me. When the White Horse Rider passed by at great speed, its hooves stirred up foamy waves across the land. Wherever the White Horse rider rode past, revival would break out in the land. I saw the land catch on fire, like foamy waves, a rippling effect. In this way, revival fire spread in areas where the Holy Spirit anointing fell.

In subsequent visions, I understood the urgency. I saw that the red horse of civil war, the black horse of economic collapse and pale horse of death in Revelations 6 were already released and they were approaching the nations. The White Horse rider was at breakneck speed to bring the good news of the gospel to the nations before and at the same time as these calamities and troubles befalling the world.

Further study materials:

Bible verses on the white horse rider:

Revelations 6:2, New Living Translation

I looked up and saw a white horse standing there. Its rider carried a bow, and a crown was placed on his head. He rode out to win many battles and gain the victory.

Psalm 45:4-6

In your majesty ride forth victoriously
    in the cause of truth, humility and justice;
    let your right hand achieve awesome deeds.
Let your sharp arrows pierce the hearts of the king’s enemies;
    let the nations fall beneath your feet.
Your throne, O God, will last for ever and ever;
    a scepter of justice will be the scepter of your kingdom.

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3 Replies to “The White Horse of the Gospel”

  1. Have Mercy on all of us Lord. We know or and understand so little of things. We are covered up in Sins. Our Sins and the Evil one’s sins dumped on us. Our earth has no goodness unless You the only Source of Holy Goodness has mercy on us and let by your grace ,, A out flow of Holy Spirit on US and cleans us of the lies and sins covering us.’
    We Thank You Lord Jesus for All. You Are Our Hero.
    Thank You Father-God for Jesus and your Holy Spirit.
    The list of grace things from you be endless.. You are Loved.

  2. From my heart I think each of us need a time out. To relax and talk with Jesus. Be at the feet of Jesus and let His Holy Goodness flow in and though us. After a bit may each of us work in The Spirit and Ways of Jesus. Led by His Holy Spirit. Doing what each of us be called and sent to do.
    I can do nothing right and mess up my life when I walk by my self with out The full Time Fullness of ”” He is Here ”’ Holy Spirit in my life 24-7. I need to life and walk in God’s Glory to overcome the evil one’s in this world.
    I pray and ask that each of us pray asking this one thing.
    Pray that all of us be filled and led by The Holy Spirit with All Truth and Power of The Lamb of God. To have The Lord’s name in us. To have the Blood of Jesus in us all. To be of the mind and spirit of Christ Jesus only.
    With out Jesus, I myself do more harm than good and mess up God’s plan to redeem everyone. I will pray for you and ask you to pray for me so we live and act as One Body with Christ Jesus as The ”’ Head ”’.
    You All Are Loved.
    Jesus is Lord, King,Savior,Friend, and Our Greatest Hero.
    Love frank the small.

    1. Yes, Frank, you made a good point. We should walk by the leading of the Holy Spirit and be vigilant, prayerful and communing with God daily. It’s the only way to safety in these times.

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