Worshipping God in Dark Forest

This is a beautiful vision I received from God in May 2019 and I want to share with you as it may encourage someone.

I was seeking God earnestly and I saw myself worshipping God in a dark forest. I do not know why my surroundings were a dark forest at that time but I didn’t care. I was totally focused on worshipping God during that season of my life and the Holy Spirit spirit anointing fell upon me.

I knew that there were demons in the dark forest, but they stayed at a distance from me and did not come near me. I think they were afraid of the Holy Spirit. As I worshipped God daily, I became aware of sweet smelling incense, a lovely fragrance.

The demons could smell the incense and they were attracted to it. I realize that upon repentance, our flesh is cleansed by atonement of Christ’s blood. I became acutely aware that demons were intensely attracted to the incense, they coveted our worship to God and they desired to devour us.

Later on, God gifted me a cloak made of fire. It was made of fire but the fire didn’t feel hot to me at all. The cloak was comfortable to wear and felt like cool air-conditioning. When I wore it during my worship in the dark forest, I realized that the demons were deathly afraid of the fire. I realized that God had given it to me for my protection. I was amazed that the same fire that was cool to the child of God was hell fire to the demons. When I worshipped God, the demons were afraid of the fire and stayed away.

Then take them from their hands and burn them on the altar atop the burnt offering as a pleasing aroma before the LORD; it is an offering made by fire to the LORD. 

Exodus 29:25 Berean Study Bible

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  1. First, Thank You All who lift up Jesus.
    Pray I and all who read this have a extra blessed period with Our Holy Father, Jesus, Holy Spirit and with all Children of God.
    Now is the time we need to be living the ways and words of Jesus with The Holy Spirit leading ALL of us in One mind and Spirit to Make the Name, Ways, Life of Jesus Known and break down the Jails holding people who the devil has hands on. Call out to the Lord of All, Bless and send Holy Spirit fill and led people to Free the People from evil ”” Call of Repentance ”” like Now and push out the Darkness in Our Land. Let’s Make it So in the Name of Jesus. All Glory to God.
    Jesus is Our Lord, King, Savior, Friend, and Hero. You All Are Loved.
    From USA TN. 37854 frank the small

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